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For the finest ultra-modern kitchen cabinets available today, contact Cabinet Modern. Our kitchen refacing experts have years of experience with custom designs. We can turn your drab old kitchen into a stunning area that you will be proud to have in your home.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Los Angeles CA and surrounding areas

Custom Cabinets in Los Angeles, CA

It seems to be a trend in Los Angeles to get custom-designed and built cabinets, which can often give you a whole new layout for your kitchen. Using our custom cabinet designs, we can maximize kitchen space, creating a stunning and functional kitchen for you and your family! We also provide design services for bathrooms, bars, and laundry rooms for free if you hire us! YES---FREE!

Stylish and Functional Kitchen Cabinets in Los Angeles by Cabinet Modern

Undoubtedly, the kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where meals are prepared, conversations are had, and memories are made. That’s why we specialize in providing the finest ultra-modern kitchen cabinets and contemporary kitchen solutions in Los Angeles, CA. Our blend of style and functionality is designed to transform your kitchen into a stunning, efficient space that reflects your personal style. With years of experience in custom designs and kitchen refacing, we are proud to be the go-to experts for homeowners looking to upgrade their kitchens.

Customized for Your Space

Our passion lies in creating custom cabinets that not only maximize kitchen space but also enhance its functionality and aesthetic appeal. In Los Angeles, there is a growing trend towards custom-designed cabinets, and we are at the forefront, offering unique layouts and designs that cater to your specific needs.

Cabinet Modern has carved a niche in the industry as a leader in kitchen cabinet solutions. Our commitment to quality, attention to detail, and unmatched craftsmanship ensures that every project we undertake is executed seamlessly. We use only the finest materials, combined with our expertise in wood species, custom finishes, and laminates, to deliver cabinets that are not only beautiful but durable.

Our services extend beyond the kitchen; we also offer free design services for bathrooms, bars, and laundry rooms when you choose us.

Designed for Your Lifestyle

Our flat panel cabinets are the epitome of modern design, offering a sleek, functional aesthetic that suits both homeowners and professionals. With a fast turnaround time and the ability to operate CNC cutting machines for precise fabrication, we guarantee satisfaction in every project we handle.

Choosing Cabinet Modern means opting for a team with a rich family history in the cabinet-making industry, dating back to 1985. Our expertise in white oak and custom finishes, particularly our bleached white oak cabinets that preserve the natural grain while offering a modern, pale look, sets us apart. Our low overhead, factory-integrated showroom ensures that we can provide top-quality, custom kitchen cabinets at great prices. With a combined working experience of 75 years shared among four expert carpenters, we are the preferred choice for homeowners across Southern California.

To learn more about the custom kitchen cabinets we provide in Los Angeles, contact us today.